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Severin Development

SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT company was founded in 2004. The company offers services for commercial, industrial and residential facilities covering the area over 5000 m2.

Main company's services:

Over a period of 19 years, SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT company has traveled a long way. It originated as a small but fast-growing company to become a powerful enterprise monitoring all stages of design and construction projects for different applications. Thanks to accumulated experience and expertise, the company is free to cooperate with Russian and international customers.

The main company's development strategy is comprehensive implementation of investment projects for construction of industrial and commercial facilities, application of efficient design and construction technologies, and compliance with high quality assurance standards.

SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT is dedicated and committed to efficient protection of customers' interests throughout the construction project execution, reasonable investment and completion of each project on budget.


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SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT is an active member of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce and Russian Managers and Developers Guild.