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Construction supervision

Construction supervision

Construction supervision by SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT –

ensures construction quality and budget conformity

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Construction supervision by SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT –
ensures construction quality and budget conformity


Construction supervision is a package of services which include monitoring and review activities in order to provide accurate compliance with the specified design solutions, cost, deadlines, scope and quality of works and materials during the project construction. For the most efficient construction supervision, an independent specialized engineering company is involved.

Construction / engineering supervision objectives:

  • Meeting the applicable building regulations and standards during the construction;
  • Monitoring compliance of the claimed and actually implemented design solutions;
  • Meeting high quality standards during the construction;
  • Monitoring the project progress to comply with the scheduled scope of work, used materials and estimated cost.

Construction supervision services include the following:

  1. Monitoring the construction progress to avoid excess expenditures and extra work.
  2. Confirming the scope of construction to comply with the design concept and statement of work.
  3. Monitoring the use of construction and finishing materials, structures and equipment approved in the construction design documents.
  4. Monitoring the quality of completed construction and installation operations to comply with building regulations and standards, technical regulations and flow charts.
  5. Monitoring the conformity of the scheduled construction deadlines and the schedule.
  6. Checking availability and suitability of the documents confirming quality of the used construction materials and structures.
  7. Confirming the validity of information on the actual scope of work, expenses and rendered services in subcontractors' accounting reports.

Our Construction Supervision Engineers offer professional protection of Customer's interests on the construction site. Our customers confirm that the independent Construction Supervision helps to maintain high construction quality standards and meet the scheduled project cost. For more details, see Recommendation Letters.

SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT has more than 12 years of experience in Construction /Engineering Supervision. Over this period, we implemented a number of major projects in Moscow, Moscow region and other cities of the Russian Federation. For more details, see Project Map section.

Construction supervision pricing

Construction supervision services are priced for each project separately. The price is calculated taking into consideration the following parameters:

  • Functional purpose of the building
  • Construction schedule
  • Engineers' work pattern
  • Type of monitoring and review activities

The Construction Supervision labor cost depends on the scope of construction and quantity of engineers in the working group. The quantity and qualification of the working group members is determined by the type of required construction and installation operations, construction area and deadlines.

The company's experience shows: do not save on Construction Supervision! While the average cost of Construction Supervision services offered by SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT is max. 2% of the estimated cost, the real saving, if you use Construction Supervision services, helps to reduce the construction cost by 10 to 20%.

Sigitov Roman Anatolyevich

Director General


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