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risk of investment loss


The Construction Permit - is a document certifying the land owner/lessee's right to implement the building construction/reconstruction. Without the construction permit, the investor has no right to implement construction/reconstruction of capital construction facilities, and to perform the works required for the territory improvement according to the approved design estimates and requirements of the land plot development plan.

As a Construction Manager, SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT company renders services for obtaining the construction permit as part of the all-in support of the Construction Project (commercial, residential and industrial realty).

The basis for obtaining the construction permit in Moscow and the Moscow Region as well as in any city of the Russian Federation is the positive conclusion of the State Appraisal on design estimates.

The construction permit shall be obtained in compliance with the laws and carried out by corresponding executive or municipal authority.

The land plot acquires the status of a construction site with all corresponding status requirements and restrictions after issuing all necessary documents and obtaining the construction permit, as well as the Order for preparatory, excavation and construction works issued by the authorized agency.

List of services for obtaining the Construction Permit:

Checking compliance of the developed design documents with the statement of work; checking availability, scope, formatting, quality and compliance of design documents with standards; analyzing effectiveness of the finalized design solutions; checking the estimates for all types of construction, installation and finishing operations; detecting deficiencies in design estimates and monitoring their elimination.

Supporting the process of design documentation examination. Monitoring correction of examination remarks by the designer. Receiving successful conclusion by results of the project examination.

This document confirms the right of the Investor/Developer to start construction activities, carry out reconstruction or overhaul of buildings and facilities.

  • Analyzing initial situation (checking available title and initial permit documents, checking and analyzing design documents, verifying the subcontractors' contractual obligations).
  • Receiving land plot development plan and preparing a complete set of initial permit documents.
  • Supporting the process of design documentation development: collecting design inputs, preparing statements of work for design activities (specific and general).
  • Finalizing design documents.
  • Receiving permission for construction.
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