Компания профессионально выполняет комплекс услуг по организации процесса предпроектной подготовки, управлению проектированием и строительством объектов

EPC/EPCM in a row

EPC / EPCM-contract - a full range of works on the design and construction of production facilities with a guaranteed result for the Customer

Fee development

Fee-development is the implementation of development projects of residential and commercial real estate with the maximum economic benefit for the Investor

General contract

We apply the best practices in the organization of construction production and guarantee the unconditional quality of construction

General design

Integrated design of high-tech industries, commercial real estate, unique and technically complex buildings in a BIM environment

Technical customer

A set of works on the preparation of initial permits and urban planning documentation, obtaining permits and approvals, managing the design and construction of commercial and industrial real estate

Building control

A set of control and verification measures to ensure the quality and technology of construction, strict compliance with building codes and regulations, accurate implementation of design decisions, types and volumes of work within the approved budget and construction schedule

Financial and technical audit

Independent expert assessment of the state of the investment project, the declared technical and economic indicators, its compliance with the requirements of creditors and lending conditions

Digital measurements

A set of works to obtain reliable and high-precision data for the design, construction, operation of linear, industrial and infrastructure facilities